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  1. hey all, i left Nikon to go to my A99 and have never regreted it. Its built like a tank,but feels so good in the hand.Get the battery grip for even more convience . It has features built into it that at THAT time no one else had. Have a bag full of Zeiss glass and the combo just works.Even have a few legacy lens, one being the 28-135mm Minolta lens.A great walk around lens. So i am a cheer leader for these outstanding camers
  2. no i have not.and heres why unless updates are made to address a certain issue im not for doing it for the sake of doing it.look at how many times Microsofts innocent updates caused huge problems..
  3. Hello all I am looking for one of the many smaller e mount Sony camera.I already have a complete A99 A mount set up,it just does not work with my project. I will be hitting FB market place,GL,Ebay and on and on.Looking for cool old glass i will be using to take various projects using nothing but OLD glass just looking to see where it goes.SOOOooo now you know exactly what my plans are which would you choose.? And what do you think of the idea? Im buying something soon
  4. A99 guy right here. I wish when i had the coin i woud have snagged that lens,nice piece of glass right there.
  5. SBefore joining i of course cruised the forum and to my surprise my camera A99 first version is rarely seen..Or spoke of.. Now a few years ago when i bought my gear i was shooting Nikon which was fine but i read an article on the A99 and was intrigued.SO i went out rented one for a week end and and really feel in love.Sooooo bought into Sony's A mount system. Back then in the beginning the whole e vs a thing was a non issue. my gear A99 w grip 2x 560 flash 16-35 Zeiss 50 1.4 standard 28-135 Min af very sharp 70-400 first gen zeiss sony really n
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