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    yes, distortion is about zero at 20mm and pincushion at 24.
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    I too have been down this road and recently got rid of my 12-24 f4, 24-70 GM and 70-200GM.  My kit today includes the 12-24 f2.8, 24-105 and the 100-400GM and the 200-600.  The last lens I only take with me when wildlife is the primary objective.  I have had primes in the past but find the quality of today's zooms quite good and the composition flexibility they offer makes them an obvious choice for me
    I think my favorite lens is the 100-400GM.  Much of my shooting is landscape and while I love ultra wide when foreground elimination is needed, I love the subject isolation long lenses offer.
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    Focus area: Flexible spot - Small
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