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  1. I switched the memory cards into the opposite slots and it allowed me to upload the photos onto the computer.
  2. Only Info/License and Private appear when hooking the camera up to the computer. No DCIM? When I try and transfer the photos to the phone it says no use useable data. Did I change a setting?
  3. I had my fast card in slot 2 and my slow card in slot 1. It works now. I don't know how I did that.
  4. I did something wrong. I have no clue what happened. I have photos on memory card 1 and the computer says it's blank. I can see them on the camera.
  5. I want to change the focus settings I have assigned to custom button 2
  6. Sony a9 Bird In Flight / Wildlife Photography Setup and Usage Guide - YouTube Super helpful. It's worth watching the whole video. Most of the menu option settings are the same for the a7III and a7rIII.
  7. I have my AF-ON button programmed to be used for autofocus. I am using continuous autofocus with Zone and Flexible Spot Large with Tracking. When I am taking photos of flying birds, the green square will at first be in the middle of the screen. But then it moves to and stays in the lower right corner. Why is it doing this? It didn't do this before.
  8. Is there less Barrel distortion at 20mm or 24mm than 17mm?
  9. Do you always put a filter on your lenses to protect them or do you never put a filter on your lenses because it makes the photo less sharp?
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