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  1. Thanks Pieter, from other photographers I have also received similar comments. Then it seems to be something that I don't have to worry about for now, as some hot pixels are only a question of time.
  2. Hi, after receiving my first brand new Sony APS-C, the A6100, I was really pleased with everything the camera offers. Unfortunately, after taking some long exposures at night, I noticed a red hot/stuck pixel right in the center of the live preview (both display and viewfinder). The camera automatically remapped its sensor the next day and this issue seems to be gone now. I do wonder, is it normal to have such sensor issues after two days of use for a brand new A6100? Even if this is mitigated by sensor remapping, would you expect further sensor problems in the long run? After all, I could return this copy of the A6100 but I would like to avoid it if possible. Thanks for your help! Cheers Robin
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