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  1. Thank you, most importantly reliable focus tracking (face, eye and animal) and good iso performance. Video functionality is less important but nice to have, I'm mainly a stills guy. My photography is moving from landscape to events, people and wildlive. For landscape the Pentax K1 is sublime, but the focus tracking is sub par so I need another tool for the job. Currently I'm looking at the A7R III, not sure about the iso handling though, do you think it will suite my needs?
  2. Hi there, I'm a Pentaxian, and was happy being one for over 30 years. However I'm facing limits and developing needs in my ever changing photography that are not met by my current brand. The quest for a camera that suits my current needs better let my to Sony. I'm here to dive into the brand and to learn if I, after 30 years, will rebrand and join the Sony community, don't be to harsh on me. Carpon.
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