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  1. I have a Sony A7M3 camera and a 16" MacBook Pro. When I set the USB Connection for my Sony camera to PC Remote, I can remotely use my Sony camera as a webcam/video source on my MacBook Pro. I have this working using two different methods: USB-C (Sony) to USB-A (HyperDrive USB-C Hub, connected to the MBP) Apple USB-C to USB-C (connecting the Sony directly to the MBP) The HyperDrive documentation says the USB-A port has a transfer speed of 5Gpbs, and it's my understanding a direct USB-C connection is 10Gpbs. I am not concerned about using this particular connection for transferring pictures/video files from the memory card in the camera. My question has to do with using the Sony camera as a webcam/video source. I plan on using CamTwist for Zoom video calls and YouTube streaming. Is the USB-C from the Sony connected to the USB-A on the hub sufficient enough for a good webcam/video source for streaming video? Or will I really see a difference by using a USB-C to USB-C direct connection? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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