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    Dennisspeaks got a reaction from Thad E Ginathom in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    Thanks Chrissie, yes this stuff can wait, asthma attack and pretty darn serious.  I had a long time friend pass away a couple months ago from it.  Last week I did decide to order a hood to try it.   Although I have not tested it extensively, it is working well with no errors  Can't wait to be better and take it for a spin.  Take care.
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    Dennisspeaks reacted to tadwil in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    Do yourself a favour, spend three bucks to pick up a 40.5mm wide angle lens hood made of metal and put it on your lens.  Chances are there won't be any vignetting at all since the lens hood is designed for full format coverage.  I have bought at least half dozen conical lens hood for Pentax lenses and I have never had any of them cause vignetting on my Pentax Aps-c cameras.
    Going from needing a lens hood for your 16-50 to seriously contemplating a purchase of fast prime lens is one hell of a jump but that is irrelevant.  At the end of the day, you are still without a lens hood for the 16-50 kit lens for your camera, unless it is your intention to not shoot with your kit lens again?
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    Dennisspeaks reacted to Pieter in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    When you buy a fast lens it'll likely be a prime (not a zoom) lens: those lenses have a wider aperture and are generally smaller and/or much better quality than a zoom lens at the same focal length.
    There are a couple of things you should consider before buying a prime:
     - Focal length: since you can't zoom, you'll need to change lenses to change focal length. Since your budget is tight, you probably want to buy only one lens for now. Best to practice with your 16-50 zoom for the next couple of weeks/months to see which focal you like the most, and buy a prime at that focal length.
     - Stabilization: For photography you can likely do without, but for video some kind of stabilisation is almost mandatory. Your options are (with various degrees of effectiveness): a tripod, a gimbal (for video), a camera with stabilized sensor or a lens with stabilized optics (called OSS in Sony-words). Your a6400 doesn't feature in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) but your 16-50 has OSS. You'll have to decide if you really need a lens with OSS, as many don't have this. You can test this by disabling image stabilisation through the menu of your a6400.
    Some good options:
    Sigma 16mm F/1.4, 30mm F/1.4 or 56mm F/1.4: great optics with bright aperture but no OSS.
    Sony 35mm F/1.8 OSS or 50mm F/1.8 OSS (be sure to search for the APS-C variants (designated E), not the fullframe version (FE)): good optics with OSS, but focal length may be a bit too long for everyday use.
    I'm quite happy with my Sony/Zeiss 24mm F/1.8 but it doesn't have OSS and is way overpriced considering Sigma's options (which weren't available at the time I bought it)
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    Dennisspeaks reacted to michelb in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    There appears to be no lens shade available for this lens. 
    Think of the lens as entry-level
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    Dennisspeaks reacted to Pieter in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    Ah, would have helped if you'd mentioned that in your initial post 😄 The 16-50 OSS is pretty much the only lens I know of that doesn't have a hood. It doesn't have a bayonet fitting either so any aftermarket lens hood has to be screwed into the filter thread, like this one from Fotodiox:
    Because it screws in rather than clicks into place, you have to be careful to make sure the 'petals' of the hood are properly aligned with the 'viewing pyramid' as demonstrated by @Chrissie
    Personally I'd advise you to save yourself the hassle of fiddling with such a screw-in hood and just hold your hand over the lens if the sun is at an inconvenient angle, to prevent flare or loss of contrast. These wide-angle hoods are so 'shallow' that they barely block any direct sunlight anyway.
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    Dennisspeaks reacted to Chrissie in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    While I like @tadwil's suggestion of how to determine the given level of vignetting via taking a picture of a white wall, I'm a little confused as to where 
    might be.
    If it's the object-facing tips of the lens hood petals, then grinding those down would not alleviate the vignetting, which is typically happening at the corners of a picture, caused by excess material at the transition between any two adjacent lens hood petals.
    If you're talking about the lens facing side of the lens hood, then grinding that circular face down would indeed be unnecessarily tedious, just to remove material from the object-facing areas between petals. Especially if the hood is made out of metal. My Sony ones are all plastic, and serve their purpose perfectly well.
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    Dennisspeaks reacted to Chrissie in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    In extension to @Pieter's already perfect explanation, please note how the shape of a lens hood is tied to a specific focal distance / front element diameter combination by the following visualizations. The front element diameter corresponds to the blue tube diameter, which mathematically intersects with the viewing pyramid (aspect ratio being 3:2 as in your full frame sensor). See how a varying focal distance results in a corresponding change in the shape of the lens hood petals:
    Wide angle:

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    intermediate angle:

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    Tele angle:

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    Dennisspeaks reacted to Pieter in Sony a6400 Lens Hood   
    The size and shape of a lens hood totally depends on the lens it is used on and has nothing to do with the camera. A lens hood that is supplied with a specific lens should be a perfect fit and shouldn't cause black corners in photos.
    For what purpose do you want to buy a separate lens hood in addition to those supplied with your lenses?
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