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  1. Thanks Chrissie, yes this stuff can wait, asthma attack and pretty darn serious. I had a long time friend pass away a couple months ago from it. Last week I did decide to order a hood to try it. Although I have not tested it extensively, it is working well with no errors Can't wait to be better and take it for a spin. Take care.
  2. I am sure i got some great replies and looking forward to reading them once I am better, I ended up in the hospital over the weekend.
  3. Tadwil it would probably turned out pretty poor. After getting my education on youtube the last several days I am beginning to grasp why a fast lens is important and I am thinking possibly about getting one. What should I look for and avoid? Chrissie or any others I appreciate your valuable input. Thank you!
  4. I think it looks pretty cool, love the quick release too. Post more pictures.
  5. I appreciate all the replies and suggestions from different viewpoints, it's great to have choices on what works for some that may or may not work for others. Who knows maybe after a vaccine is discovered for covid-19 and I can get back to work I might enjoy it so much I will invest in a fast lens or two. I did my first two zoom board meetings yesterday and my video image was superb, I can see why many people use these as webcams, it was quite the upgrade from my Samsung s9+ and has me considering getting a A5100 for a second angle. Pieter I did look and see some of the lens that are recomm
  6. Thanks for all your replies. Yes I know this is entry level, I was recommended this camera from a photographer friend and he recommended a different lens, but this was already twice what I had planned on paying for a camera for a hobby.
  7. Thanks for your replies, my camera did not come with a lens hood. I ordered it from Focus Camera. It came as a bundle with my Sony A6400 with the 16-50mm lens.
  8. I just got my first Sony Camera today the a6400 and looking for accessories for it, first of all a lens hood. I have seen complaints about some of them cutting off the edges and I want to avoid that. Recommendations please. This is twice the camera I expected to buy but the no limit on video recording sold me. Thanks.
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