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  1. Coming from Canon DSLR, Sony Alpha was the best choice for me jumping to the mirrorless system, took me a while to be convinced, but after seeing what Sony's are capable off, did not hesitate to get my A73 & A6600, haven't tested the full potentials of both bodies due to the lockdown, but looking forward as soon as the situation gets a bit better.
  2. Hi everyone, like the title says, greetings from Heidelberg, I’m 55 years of age, happily married with 4 kids ranging from 26 to 13, two boys two girls. I’m just a hobbies that appreciates nice and well composed pictures, I use to be a Canon all user until December of last year and jump into the modern world of mirrorless cam, SONY to be exact. My current gear are A7iii & A6600 for covering my FF and Crop needs, got few lens consisting of Sony 85 1.8, 70-200 4.0, Sigma 16 1.4 that leaves on the A6600 and lastly Sigma 24 1.4 that resides at my A7iii. Miscellaneous: Atomos Nin
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