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  1. Hi All, Newbie question here... I have an a6400, and I just bought a Fotga DP500IIS A70TL 7” touchscreen field monitor, and I am also thinking of getting a Samsung T5 500GB SSD (as I see a lot of video people using these to record to) and I am just curious as to how you would set that up? I believe the Samsung T5 is USB-C, how do you connect and record to it? Thanks
  2. Yes, the A7S III looks like a real beast of a “video” camera, and some day I would love to own one... but... at $4800 CAD body only, it will be quite some time before I will...
  3. I got one of the Fotga dummy battery adapters from amazon for $60 CAD to use on my a6400, and I use a DSTE NP-F970 (also amazon - $52 CAD for 2 of them) with it: NP-F970 to NP-FW50 Battery Power Adapter - there are many conversions available, just search amazon
  4. Is there a file stored somewhere on the SD card that contains the last file name/series number? Maybe after a reformat, just add/edit that file to put the last series number?
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