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  1. Many thanks Cass and Bokeh, and sorry for the late reply. I ended up buying the Epson et-7750 and so far it has proved to be exceptionally good - for me the perfect compromise between a very high quality machine with expensive inks which I would love, but would be better than my photos, and an amazing printer for volume output, where I can print day to day documents and as many 6 x 4s as I like, while printing nice A4s and A3s in outstanding quality when I feel it's worth it. With two sets of refillable inks, I would imagine I'll never need to buy any more, as it's likely to last me several ye
  2. I'm thinking of getting a good colour printer to do up to A3 size without costing a fortune of money and hassle in cartridges. The Epson eco-tank et-7750 looks good, but I'm struggling to find serious reviews. Does anyone own this printer? Could you share your pros and cons? Many thanks in advance
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