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  1. My first deep sky image taken with the Alpha 6000 and the SEL200600G on an Ioptron CEM25P mount. The globular cluster Messier 13 in the constellation Hercules. Certainly not comparable to high resolution images from the Hubble telescope, but I like it. 40 images at 15s each (1800mm 35mm equivalent focal length, F13, ISO 1600), calibrated with darks and bias.
  2. Hello, John, two months ago I started (!) to use the Sony SEL200600G with a Sony Alpha 6000 and optionally the 2x teleconverter SEL20TC for astrophotography. For the bright objects of our solar system (Sun (with sun filter!), Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn) a simple tripod and the Sony remote shutter release (alternatively time shutter release) is sufficient. Only the focusing is difficult due to the somewhat shaky construction. For light fainter deep sky objects, stars, etc. I bought an astronomical mount three weeks ago, because with a camera at rest the exposure time is limited to approx. 1/6s (1200mm focal length) to a maximum of 1s (200mm) due to the rotation of the earth. But here I am still testing. For the moon I use, depending on the moon phase, ISO 100 to 200 and exposure times from 1/150s to 1/15s. With longer exposure times the air turbulence (the seeing) becomes noticeable. Added an example of the 5 day old (1800mm focal length 35mm equivalent, F13, ISO 100, 1/15s) and as a link of the 11 day and 14 day old moon (different 1/60s, respectively 1/125s): https://abload.de/image.php?img=mond10.8tagef131_60s1vsk0f.jpg https://abload.de/image.php?img=mond13.7tagef131_125s9jjjp.jpg A fourth picture shows the so-called "Golden Handle": . An image with a much longer exposure time to show the scattered light of the earth on the dark side of the moon (900mm, F6.3, ISO-800, 1/6s): https://abload.de/image.php?img=vomerdlichtbeschienenm3kev.jpg The sun with a tiny sunspot (Baader 5.0 sunlight filter film, 1800mm, F13, ISO 200, 1/750s): https://abload.de/image.php?img=sonnemitkleinemsonnen0zk9z.jpg With Venus, Jupiter and Saturn I am still testing the optimal shooting conditions (so far settings similar to the moon) and have not yet achieved any presentable results. Many greetings, Jörg
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