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  1. I too have the same issue but in my case it's even worse. I use A7III and i started facing this issue before 10 months, gradually with time it became worse it happened more frequently and not 2 but 3 clicks at a time. I also had another Big Problem where my sensor wabbles or shakes while recording video. So i finally managed to give it to Sony Service Centre on March 3rd 2020 and after a long waiting of 4 months i recieved my camera today (cudos to Sony for their exlelent service) And when i checked my camera i didn't see sensor shaking issue but yes the Double Shot issue hasn't resolved. I don't know what to do ...but now i don't wana give my camera to sony again. Even then don't have the solution for it i guess. In my team we have 5 A7iii including mine and every camera has the same issue but it's not noticeable ,it happens very rarely. But mine was exceptional. I also don't have any idea what to do or how should i raise a complaint against it . Because it seems after every update Sony tends to make their camera little bit slow or laggy . It doesn't feel snappy anymore as it was after buying.
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