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  1. Was a fun climb down to the shore and an even more fun climb back up, but this is the wreck of the SS Speke just around from Kitty Miller Bay on Phillip Island.. Single shot, last night on my Sony A7m3/Tamron 17-28mm, 20 seconds, ISO4000, f2.8
  2. Yeah I have tried a few, I started with an adapted Canon 16-35/4 and tried out friends Sony 16-35/4 and GM 16-35/2.8 and I bought the Tamron 17-28/2.8 If you don't mind the compromised range of the Tamron it is a stellar performer, better IQ all round IMHO than the Sony 16-35/4, smaller and lighter than the adapted Canon lens and brighter of course without really losing any IQ.. It is probably a little behind the bigger heavier and much more expensive GM 16-35/2.8 IQ wise, but much lighter and a fair bit smaller.
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