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  1. Should probably have checked before joining, but I can't seem to locate the Sony Alpha Forum charter/purpose, rules of engagement, behavior expectations etc. They're probably somewhere obvious, but it escapes me for now. I assumed it would be for the friendly sharing of: knowledge on the topic of Sony Alpha, pictures taken with the same, and somewhere to learn about the same.
  2. Hi, Fascinated by photography for over 40 years. After a cleanout of the "museum" of cameras and leaving the darkroom behind, settled on the a6400 as the one to rule them all. Have since added the sel18-135, Sigma DC DN 16, Sigma DC DN 30, and Zeiss Touit 50f2.8 Astounded by the image quality off the body and primes, even though expectations were high. Even the zoomer is not a complete slouch. I take pictures for myself. I don't need the endorsement of the twitterverse or whatever, but am always up for learning how to use kit better.
  3. If it's https://www.zeiss.com/consumer-products/int/photography/touit/touit-2850m.html I have it on my a6400, and it's an absolute cracker! Do note though that it comes in different mounts, so the E mount must be specified at order time.
  4. As someone who just took delivery of a new a6400, with exactly the same issue (solved) I thought I should reply with my solution. I tried the original Sony cable on two computers, using the recommended settings on the camera, but the camera was never "seen" by either computer. In desperation, I tried some old USB cable I had lying around, which worked! Sony cable is in the bin now. Good luck.
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