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  1. Initially I was extremely excited to get my hands on this lens having read the various reviews and seeing footage/images taken using the 24mm 1.4 GM. However this lens, and it may be that I received a faulty lens from Sony, produces an unbearable rattling noise as you change aperture. I've tried adjusting it both manually and automatically yet this noise is persistent. After searching the issue up online I was directed to download and install both firmware updates for my Sony A7RIII body and 24mm 1.4 GM lens, which I did. But to no avail, the noise was persistent even after putting the Aperture to silent priority mode. I'm not sure if this is normal for this lens as none of my other lenses have this issue and work just fine. This is my first Sony lens, let alone my first G Master lens, purchase and I'm actually really disappointing. I would love to hear some input from anyone else on this matter/issue. I would especially value a response from a Sony representative as to whether this is normal for such an expensive lens. I've attached a video below of the issue. (Note: The camera is in Silent priority mode) https://youtu.be/j3505rUfZbI
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