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  1. Hi, I have recently bought a FE 16-35f4. I've been testing it a bit, and it seems to me the left border is weaker than the right border at 16mm, and I'd say until 24mm at least, at all apertures. Am I being too picky, or would you also suspect some decentering here, and return the lens for a new one ? This shot was shot at infinity, f5.6, ISO 100. I already have a B25f2, so the main point of this lens is to shoot between 16mm and 24mm. At 24mm, on a 24MP body, it's super close to the Batis if focused properly (it seems to have more field curvature than the Batis), save in the extreme corners. But at 16mm, I really notice there's something off in the left border. Thanks in advance for your replies !
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