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  1. Thanks Chrissie but I posted 2 photos from different cameras and you can see the edge from Nikon and edge from Sony, Nikon is much smoother than pixelated Sony. My question is why.
  2. I heard that but I don’t have Sony lens to compare the results yet. Should arrive next week but it would be so weird if it’s just a matter of Sigma vs Sony lens. Yes it’s a prime lens, zoom is done in Lightroon while I’m trying to edit some photos but with this level of pixelation is really pointless Yeah would love to go to Sony shop but we are on a lock down in the UK hence post on Sony group
  3. Hi All, I realise it might be a newbie question but I am used to old analogue cameras and film or Nikon cameras rather than fancy cameras like A7III. I recently got this camera as a present in a set with Sigma Art 24mm. What I've noticed is that my photos when I'm zooming in are VERY pixelated. Photos from a Nikon camera, with similar zoom is much smoother. Is it something typical for Sony cameras? Is it something I can change in settings? It bugs me as any skin corrections are really tricky (and pointless a bit). Thank a lot for any help.
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