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  1. Hi everyone I am new to Sony having taken the plunge and sold all my Nikon gear. I have an A9 200 to 600 and a 1.4tc. As I found with Nikon there is a learning curve and I am still halfway up it. I have a question if someone can clarify things for me....... what lenses will the 1.4 tc work with ? I am trying to decide whether to get an A6500 and a 70 to 350 lens as a walkabout kit or whether there is a lens I can buy and use the 1.4tc on my A9. I don't really want to haul the 70 200 2.8 around towns. I am a wildlife/bird hobby photographer ! Any opinions welcome. stay safe all in these trying times. https://www.flickr.com/photos/143073568@N08/
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