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  1. Thanks for the detailed advice, that option will be ideal as it is normally one of the ways I work The 18% grey card, we all know that we can’t expect to get a spot on exposure with Auto functions, I was just trying to indicate that the old fashioned grey card was a tried and tested method of exposure calculation in my youth. You must be a lot younger than me if you have never used the grey card. Regards.
  2. I have read lots of articles on the effect of the Electronic Front Curtain Shutter when using Off Camera Flash with Hi Speed Sync and large aperture lenses. I have heard its not a problem with Sony flash but I use Godox. Does anyone have any experience on this matter or would it be safer to leave EFCS off on important shoots.
  3. Could someone kindly checkout an option for me that works well on my Fujis. If I set, for example, a manual shutter speed of 1/250 sec @ f1.8, can I set Auto ISO so the A9 changes the ISO automatically as the light varies to maintain the correct exposure, assuming of course its 18% grey
  4. If you can’t wait for Sony, the Camranger 2 is a nice device and will give you great stacking plus lots of other advantages.
  5. Hi, Thats just the information I needed. I will probably go for the A9 because I believe it will be sometime before the competition catches up, if they ever do. 24 meg is sufficient for my needs, I may have to buy a new Mac if I had the A7R111’s 42 meg sensor It’s really given me confidence to hear from someone, obviously experienced, who uses both these models. Thanks a lot
  6. Thanks for the info, very interesting. My Fuji cameras can show a live RGB Histogram before I press the shutter which I find very useful, chimping on the back is a second class option. Alas one can not have everything , Sony could easily offer the option of assigning it to a C type button, it makes the world of difference.
  7. Thanks for the info but I was asking specifically for the accuracy and consistency of the Eye AF, sorry if i was not very clear in my post.
  8. When you review your image after capture you can view a RGB Histogram. Is it possible to view this RGB Live Histogram by assigning it to a C1, C2 etc button, which you can press to view it before you take the shot, rather than after the capture.
  9. I am seriously changing my equipment to the Sony range. With my current eyesight I need the most consistent and accurate Eye AF for non static people shots. The 24 or 42 meg sensors are not an issue, both would be fine. Any advice regarding the A9 vs A7R111 would be most appreciated regarding the Eye AF.
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