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  1. Nice, digital zoom is 2x over clearview but to me the images look the same. It just seems going beyond 2x is when it starts to look worse but having clearview instead of just saying Digital Zoom with 2x or 4x makes it seem to be better on the mental side but in actuality it's just preventing you from overextending into an area that will make it look worse such as on video. You want to limit it to the highest zoom quality available. Also, it could look better on the zoom than the crop because the camera did a better job as focusing than when it's further away. It could think it's spot on
  2. if you move it up 35mm does it make your minimum focus closer by 35mm or depending on the distance of someone it goes up w/ a multiplier so 35mm could be like 50mm on some and 70mm on another? Also, does the maximum focus scale the same 1:1 or is it different too depending on the distances of somethings too?
  3. How do you tell the EV in BULB mode? Sony A7R4 only goes to 30", any beyond that and you don't know what the EV is going to look like unless of course you do a shot w/ a timer beyond that which would eat tons of time.
  4. So adding a 2x TC w/ ETs doesn't change the minimum focus distance?
  5. The flash doing macro isn't good as it gets blocked by the camera lens. A ring light for macro is great I've heard, that or lights to the side of the lens, do you have any experience w/ it? Right now I'm holding a bright light over the macro to get some light or far enough to get the light on the subject which works. I'm not too crazy w/ macro tbh but I think it's due to the lack of using proper lighting.
  6. It's actually the jpgs on the folder. If you don't shoot at the proper exposure it will be considered a blownout highlight in the camera!
  7. I have both an AdobeRGB jpg and an sRGB jpg if you want those too.
  8. yeah, that's what I was saying before. Probably need to AEB
  9. Believe it or not, the colors are a lot deeper in blue, like Way deeper in blue and bright. The red looks like that in real-life though but maybe a bit deeper. How far can you go on the color deepneess? Is Sonys color science not so good which is why it can't go deep?
  10. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jacsBSzWMjPCV56xS3MYPzsCb0WIDyRQ?usp=sharing
  11. yeah but if you have a 90mm Macro G and go 2.0x which would make it 180mm, wouldn't that be more insane? It's not like you can go super mega closer even w/ a Macro lens. It caps out at the minimum too when you want to go more.
  12. Because the 2.0x TC makes it stick out towards the lens, if it isn't deep like the 200-600mm or 70-200mm or 100-400mm you cannot put it but if you use an Extension Tube, wouldn't that clearance exist for you to use the 2.0x TC??
  13. Try taking some backlit super bright lights w/ deep color and see what happens.
  14. I was trying every combination possible to get the red and blues out but I think I had to go insanely deeper on the EV.
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