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  1. why are you still talking? ahhh, lonely, thats right. Sorry you have a miserable life and cant think of anything better to do than jerk off on a forum and getting off being a lonely fuck.
  2. Sad that you feel the need for me to introduce myself to you (some random fuck stick stranger from Switzville). I came here to ask a question. Period. Learn to keep scrolling if you dont have anything productive to offer, you switz stinky lonely piece of fuck.
  3. are you ok over there? What crime did i commit here? jesus christ, i'm just asking for help you lonely fuck.
  4. K, thanks for wasting 10 seconds of my life with your insanely useless response.
  5. Hello, newbie here. At my work, we have two videographers/graphics guys. Well, one got fired the other day and the other is out of town all week for a funeral. We have a speaker coming to visit this Saturday and I volunteered to shoot an interview they are wanting. I have very very very basic video experience, I know enough to determine what shutter speed to use and whatnot, but the editor that is out of town told me I need to make sure that I shoot in SLOG. We have a brand new sony a7riii that hasn't been set up yet and i see the option to shoot in SLOG but I noticed that there are all kinds of settings within the SLOG profile that can be configured (gamma, black gamma, knee, etc) and I have no clue what any of that means. Should I mess with any of these settings? Any recommended settings for shooting in SLOG? It will be an indoor shoot with good lighting equipment and everything if that makes any difference. Again, I have very basic knowledge here so go easy on me haha. I would greatly appreciate any advice on the settings to use. Thanks!
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