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  1. Sorry, what are you asking?
  2. In anyone's book the 35mm 1.8 is certainly a wideangle lens, ultrawide was not specified, the others are just for information. The 24mm GM was mentioned by another poster but the OP specified that it should not break the bank, so I was offering an alternative. The 28mm f2 is also worth considering but in Sony land there isn't a cheap, fast ultra wideangle yet. There is also the 20mm f2 Tokina if the AF noise isn't a bother and the IQ acceptable. The trouble is that cheap, fast and wideangle are rare companions.
  3. I'd take a look at Godox if I were you. They are both cheap and great value for money (a lot of bang for your buck - so to speak).
  4. The Sony 1.8 primes are all good choices (35, 55, 85 & 135mm).
  5. The 35 Loxia is a fabulous lens, I use it for much of my landscape work. My usual choice for landscape work is the Loxia 21mm, 35mm and 85mm lenses, I rarely find the need for anything else.
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