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  1. For me the computer issue has deterred me from reviewing photos. Everyone's setup must scale proportionally. There's no point in having a new lens if you don't have a reliable setup to output store and edit your work on. Next up Sony GM 16-35.
  2. Update I purchased a AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 32gb off ram and 1tb Samsung SSD EVO Problem solved. This setup cost around $1100 and benchmarks like a $13500 Mac Pro. No problem with Lightroom or previews of raws anymore. No more hangs and much faster than my old computer with A7rii photos. Moral of the story if you purchase a A7r iv be prepared to have a workstation to match. I highly recommend AMD as a cost effective solution.
  3. This gives me hope. So I don’t need to build a super computer to process this stuff.
  4. I shoot moving action shots while on a moving platform(a boat). Usually it’s not a focus miss or action blur as u can keep my shutter speed very fast as I’m shooting outside. The issues with the photos are framing and capturing the moment. I’ll usually shoot 5-10 or so shots of any intended shot and pick the best moment or composition after. My SD cards are Sony G tough cards I.e. the fastest possible. I’ve been shooting jpeg raw for years. It would be great to have enough computing power to drop the JPEGs and make life simpler. My focus here is to build a cost effective computer so I don’t dread viewing and processing the photos
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm a hobbyist photographer, a few times a month I'll go out and shoot 500 photos, often time sailing regatta photos, 1 in every 10 photos is a keeper. I just upgraded from the A7rii to the a7Riv. I currently edit my pictures on a 2015 Macbook pro with 16bg of ram and the base i7 processor 256gb ssd. If I'm working remotely and do not have access to an external hard drive I often like to sort through the photos while on the card so I don't fill up the laptop hard drive for this i will use the mac preview program or sometimes lightroom. In the past this setup was barely adequate to do editing. The wait time was a couple of seconds for loading or previewing files. This is a problem when you're going through 500 photos. Like I said, I'm a hobbyist, I'm not making money off of this and waiting to load photos that need sorting and reviewing becomes a less than fun task when you're waiting on your computer. Now that I've upgraded to the A7r iv the wait times have increased but I can also tell that the computer is past its limit, I have short hangs added into the waiting time. I'm looking to build a cost effective desktop PC. I want to invest money into the parts that will mostly reduce load times and processing times. Processor: If I were to go Intel I'd be looking at an i7 or i9 with a LGA 2066 board or LGA1151. Will either socket have much of an impact on my load times. Also I've heard good things about AMD Ryzen these days but I don't know enough about them. RAM: Will 64GBs be more effective over 32GB or is that unnecessary. Also What impact will RAM Speed have DDR4 - 3000 MHZ vs DDR4 - 3333 MHZ Graphics Card: Will graphics card actually have any impact on anything because its not a video game Also What percent breakdown do each of these categories have on load times.
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