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  1. Thank you both on the suggestions. That mirror suggestion sounds awesome. The challenge is for me to find a free mirror of that size to use. Perhaps I can use the bathroom wall mirror, then aim my camera. I can use a frame to trace an outline for the centering and then attach the test sheet in the outline.
  2. I just bought a new sony vario tessar 16-70mm lens from eBay. After reading up on this lens, I became concerned about the amount of decentering issue with this lens. I printed a B&H Photo test sheet and decided to do a couple of test shots. Mounted my camera on tripod, disabled OSS, and shot the sheet with widest aperture on self timer. My heart sank when I saw that the upper left corner was very soft compared to the upper right which was sharp. Is it acceptable or shall I exchange it? I read that pretty much there are no perfect lens. But this is an expensive lens and I was expecting a bit more. Thanks and please pardon my noobness.
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