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  1. Ok boomer. 🙄 Sweet ophelia by Zella day (Gold Fields remix) is a classic summer track.
  2. Its Full sensor readout (Super 35/APSC), 200mm is long enough for near side action but you wont be able to film the far side very well.
  3. I believe so if you have an adapter to plug in but there is almost always latency.
  4. I know this isn't an Alpha or NEX body but its still E Mount. Write up - Some old summer elite footage that I never had any intention of posting, I shot this game a few weeks after I bought an FS5 from a friend. Everything is 240fps with the end trigger function. Picture profile if I remember correctly was HLG 2, Rec 709 exposed at 80 Ire. Lens was the Sony 70 - 300mm FE G lens. Definitely hoping the A7siii has some sort of start trigger/end trigger cache function.
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