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  1. Haha
    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Pieter in sony 16–55mm f2.8 g   
    So you're gonna return it now?
    I guess 113 people viewed your post hoping you had something interesting to say about the 16-55 F2.8. Alas.
  2. Thanks
    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Pieter in Which lenses to keep and to return? A6400   
    How can anyone but you decide which lenses to keep? We don't know your budget, use cases, storage space, bag size, tolerance to carrying heavy stuff around, tolerance of spouse to your excessive spendings, etcetera etcetera.
    If you really like that 16mm, you can sell everything else for all I care. Or keep it for you might one day find out you actually like 30mm and/or 56mm as well. Sell the 18-105, the Sigma primes are so much better! No wait, keep it: you might occasionally want to get some smooth zoom-action in your footage. It balances nicely on gimbals with that internal zoom as well. Heck, sell everything and buy the new Tamron 17-70 f/2.8 zoom. It's stabilised, just about covers your Sigms trio in terms of focal length and will likely be better optically than the 18-105. Darn, balancing that thing on your gimbal will be a pain...
    Choices choices... Something every single forum member out here has to deal with.
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Alejandro in Hi   
    Sorry mirrorlessNY(youtuber) for not answering before, I have just realized that you posted the question.
    For the time being since I bought my a7 (with which I have been doing some trial shoots but not that much relevant takes), I am loving it.
    I bought it (new) for about a fourth of what I would have needed to pay for a newer model. I paid 500 U$S for the body and the Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS zoom lens (which for being a kit lens, performs quite well). Sony Store here in my country was offering them cheap and the money exchange at that moment helped as well.
    The sensor has no stabilization (the OSS lens has) and it may have fewer functions than the following models, but again, I bought it very cheap. And regarding functions, it has more than the cameras I already had (A230, A580 and Rx100) and a better sensor obviously, and I don’t mind not having the newest model of whatever I buy. Cameras will probably keep improving (as cell-phones do for example), and there is no way to keep up with the pace. If I would have bought an a7 III (paying four times more, which I wouldn’t have done anyway), then an a7 IV would probably be launched next. The a7 more than fulfills my expectations and needs (well...., not really needs) as it is.
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) got a reaction from mallllias in Atmospheric pollution from factories day and night, video time lapse a7ιιι   
    good video & cool idea
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to VTC in Sony A7SIII & SLOG-3   
    I believe GAMMA ASSIST DISPLAY is what you're looking for. On / Off.
    I can easily demonstrate this with various favorite LUTS loaded onto an external recorder but in camera, this will give an idea.
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to jmc in Long time Sony nut   
    my mom got tired of me on a bungee cord tied to her waist so she glared at dad to figure something out and he dumped the om1 on me and said go play
    so anywhere from pajama parents to sibling weddings you name it i photographed everything and it cost dad a bomb but he knew a camera shop owner who had a darkroom so that helped
    good o' kodak asa200 canisters that reeked of chemical smells ... those were the days!
    and sure enough in high school i ran the campus darkroom (converted from an old dormant storage room) and in my first real job i had the opportunity to process some serious film out of an astronomy group studying the sun ... good times
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) got a reaction from Musicman1 in Hi From Nevada, U.S.A.   
    welcome to the future ☺️ these new cameras are very capable, autofocus has seen incredible improvements
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) got a reaction from Makeev in Factory 232 | Moscow | Sony A6300 + Zhiyun Crane Plus   
    great visuals, sharp
    I love the 21:9 aspect ratio, fill my whole screen 😵
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to narapo in Low-light, wide-angle lenses for A7iii   
    The 24 GM is what you need : superb IQ, 1.4 aperture, compact and light lens in relation to its abilities.
  11. Haha
    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Pieter in Low-light, wide-angle lenses for A7iii   
    How are those good wide-angle lenses?
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Singingsnapper in Doha Waterfront   
    I had an extended stopover of 16 hours on my way from Seoul to the UK so utilised it by spending some time in the city.  Scouted around a bit ready for twilight, was feeling poorly due to a heavy cold, so didn't see as much as I would have liked.   Sony A7r4 FE 24 - 70 GM   Twilight Across the Bay Doha by singingsnapper, on Flickr   Doha Twilight by singingsnapper, on Flickr   BW Islamic art gallery, Doha by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to MIkepeppers in mike   
    I've ended up solving my own problem.  And today I learned that those usb charger cables that are everywhere come in 2 different varieties.  Charging and Data Transfer.  I was of course using the wrong one.
    Problem solved!
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) got a reaction from Makeev in Business center of Moscow   
    looks cool, it's like a growing Manhattan
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) got a reaction from Makeev in The Art of PRO Hi-Tech [4K] on Sony A6300   
    PRO video, I agree a6300 is a beast at 4k
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Makeev in The Art of PRO Hi-Tech [4K] on Sony A6300   
    All shot on Sony A6300
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Apollwnios in life   
    Sony ILCE-7RM3 Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary 015
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Apollwnios in life   
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Makeev in Business center of Moscow   
    Shot on Sony A77v + Sigma 24-105 f4 Art

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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to dbmiller in Now About One Month Into Photography   
    It looks to me like highlight recovery at very high levels, the slight color change in the original gets amplified by the recovery and causes this type of effect.
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to DimitryG31 in Now About One Month Into Photography   
    Thanks very much for the feedback! I think those two are my favorite out of them all as well.
    It was all in the edits! Here are some more:

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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to LiveShots in Hello Everyone   
    Two options, click the ‘choose files’ to attach images from your device (red circle) or to link to your images on Flickr or other internet source use the ‘Insert other media’ (blue circle)

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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to MakoSports in Sony FS5 240fps Test   
    Its Full sensor readout (Super 35/APSC), 200mm is long enough for near side action but you wont be able to film the far side very well. 
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    mirrorlessNY(youtuber) reacted to Pieter in Best budget lenses for video   
    There is no cheap zoom lens with a large aperture, especially if you want a stabilized (OSS) lens. There is the Sony 18-105 F/4 OSS powerzoom (generally considered a decent video lens) but that one is already around €500 and not any faster than what you have now. You'd best resort to prime lenses.
    Are you using a gimbal? If not then you'd likely want to use a stabilized lens as the a6000 has no stabilized sensor.
    Your search is now narrowed down to a fast prime with OSS and autofocus. For street videography, the Sony 35mm F/1.8 comes to mind (the APS-C version, not FE). Costs about €380. For a somewhat tighter field of view you might try the Sony 50mm F/1.8 OSS at €270. Can both be found second-hand for about 60% of the retail price. Try your 16-50 kit lens a bit to see if these focal lengths work for your project.
    If you're using a gimbal then the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN might be interesting at €350, or the Sigma 16mm F/1.4 if you want to go wide.
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