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  1. Odd question but, I was unable to find an answer in my research. When I turn off my camera, sometimes the shutter covers the sensor. Rarely happens but was just wondering why this occurs ? Thank you
  2. thanks everyone, answered my questions perfectly.
  3. I have set-up back button-focus with AF-ON set as my "focus hold" button. I use AF-S, and my understanding is that once the button is pressed, focus is locked and I don't need to hold down the button. Now, when I'm in AF-C I'm using phase detection now and I NEED to hold the button down to keep focus, but the system can now adapt to movement in the frame. Is this accurate ? I have had trouble confirming this information. Thank you-🙏
  4. I use back button focus. I press AF-ON, lock focus and press the shutter button. Then the image continues to load on the memory card for 1-3 seconds. Then the camera is ready to take another picture, unless I half press the shutter button during this process. The camera will then be ready to take another photograph instantly. Is their anyway around this, the camera should reset itself instantly. I don't understand why I need to wait for the image to load with the type of memory card I'm using., Sony tough v90, us3, 300/299.
  5. I have a a7R3. I have noticed some lag between taking photographs. I press the shutter button and the camera takes photograph but, then I have to wait a second or two for the camera to be ready for the next photograph. I have noticed though, after I take the photograph if I gently press the shutter button the camera is immediately ready for another photograph. I am using a Sony tough memory card 300/299 , read and write speed. Does the camera typically take time between photographs ? I never had this problem with my fuji xt2 but, that camera was obviously not as complex as the Sony a7r3. Any suggestions or help to improve the speed ? thanks again-
  6. When I look through the EVF of my camera I can see the aperture, iso, exposure compensation range and raw/jpeg file amounts. Is their a way I can change what I see in the EVF ? thanks
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