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  1. Thanks Michelb for your response. I followed your suggestions to check to see if the Red-Eye reduction was activated and it was. I de-activated it and then checked the flash exposure compensation. It was set to 0EV so I changed it to -2 EV. I tested the camera with the changed settings and the images were vastly improved. It has occurred to me that if you take a photo of something in a dark room using a flash you will not get the same natural look that you would get if the room was well lit and you did not use the flash.
  2. I use my Sony Nex-6 with a variety of Nikon lens in the aperture priority mode with Release Without Lens activated and focus peaking. Recently I have tried to use the built-in flash in low light situations with dismal results. When I press the shutter button the flash does not emit a single flash and instead appears to flash three or four times in quick succession resulting in the image being grossly over-exposed. I have the flash set to the Slow Sync Mode. I am inexperienced in using the built-in flash and would appreciate it if someone could advise me where I am going wrong. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the responses! The plot has thickened. Previously, I tried to charge the two batteries I have by leaving them in place in the camera and connecting the supplied power lead. Each time the camera was left charging overnight with the charging light displayed and when I checked in the morning and turned the camera on I got the error message 'battery exhausted.' I thought I would try something else and bought a cheap USB charger and found it successfully charged each battery and when they were put in the camera they showed they were fully charged. It would appear that there is something wrong with the charging circuit inside the camera. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. Thanks LiveShots for responding to my post. I always turn off the camera when I am charging it and I am not using am after market lens adapter. I am using a third party battery as the genuine Sony batteries are so expensive. It is a Photo Master brand.
  5. I own a Sony Nex -6 and I am having trouble with maintaining batteries in the camera. I charge the batteries by plugging the usb lead into the camera from the Sony power adapter that was supplied with the camera. I have on occasions left the camera plugged in for a couple of days and then when I have tried to use the camera I got the error message 'Battery exhausted'. The first time this happened I assumed the battery had failed and bought a replacement but now I am getting the same error message with the new battery. I have tested the power unit and it works with other appliances. Can anyone please advise me where I am going wrong as I have not experienced this problem with other cameras I have owned. Thank you.
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