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  1. I paired a JJC BTR-S1 remote with my Sony A1. I want to unpair it but can't figure can't how to do that. Can someone help me? TIA.
  2. My problem is solved. It was very simple. The shifting did not work as I use back button focus. Switching focus to the shutter button allowed focus bracketing to work as it should.
  3. Thanks for your long reply. I spent time with the camfi and a7r4 yesterday and am at the point where you left off. I can take however many images I want and they get downloaded to the sd card on my camera. The problem I now have is that the focus doesn't shift. All images have the same focus. To me, this seems to happen because I have the camera set on manual focus. But, that is what the instructions say. If the camera is on AF I get a message saying the camera is in AF mode when I press the start button but the shooting doesn't start. It only starts when it is in manual mode. The camfi app on my iPhone is in AF mode.
  4. I did see your post when I used the search function. I started this new topic because I can't figure out how to use camfi on hte r4, I haven't gotten to the point where I think the software is buggy. I haven't been able to set it up.
  5. If anyone has used this combo for focus stacking successfully let me know. I bought it and am having all sorts of problems. I don't think the product is bad but the documentation is terrible.
  6. I just upgraded my a92 to firmware 2. Do I want to set "Shutter When Pwr off" to on or off to take advantage of the shutting the shutter wwhen the camera is unred off?
  7. I had nikons for almost 15 years. It was very important when I bought used items thta they wewre USA models. Others, called grey market products, would not be repaired by Nikon USA. I switched to Sony and my first 4 items - 2 bodies and 2 lens - were new. I am going to buy used from FM forums and others. Do I have to be concerned if they are USA models?
  8. I want to do focus bracketing with my Sony A7 r4. I want to shoot in raw and do not want the results stacked in camera (I want to do that later.) Are there products that will do this for me?
  9. Do you leave this setting on all the time or just whwen you are shooting people? Does it maake any difference?
  10. I am coming from Nikon. When I shot at speeds faster than 1/800 I shut vibration reduction off to improve focusing. Should I do the same thing on my a9 2 or doesn’t it matter?
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