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  1. I had nikons for almost 15 years. It was very important when I bought used items thta they wewre USA models. Others, called grey market products, would not be repaired by Nikon USA. I switched to Sony and my first 4 items - 2 bodies and 2 lens - were new. I am going to buy used from FM forums and others. Do I have to be concerned if they are USA models?
  2. I want to do focus bracketing with my Sony A7 r4. I want to shoot in raw and do not want the results stacked in camera (I want to do that later.) Are there products that will do this for me?
  3. Do you leave this setting on all the time or just whwen you are shooting people? Does it maake any difference?
  4. I am coming from Nikon. When I shot at speeds faster than 1/800 I shut vibration reduction off to improve focusing. Should I do the same thing on my a9 2 or doesn’t it matter?
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