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  1. First off, I'm buying used to keep the budget down. There isn't a huge second hand market for Sony (or third party) lenses here in Denmark. I have considered going the cheap rouge with the 28-70 and then supplementing with AF primes along the way. I will buy a 50mm 1.8 straight away. As much as I love my old legacy primes, MF just isn't very practical when it comes to shooting pictures of my kids. I could see a 24mm and a 35mm supplementing the 50mm.
  2. Hi guys😊 New on this forum. Trying to get pulled in by photography once again, as I have had a couple of years mostly using my phone as p&s. A couple of years back i sold all my Canon gear (5d2 + L-lenses) and bought an A6000. Didn't have the time, and got tired of always being expected to be the family photographer at every attended party.. I miss the punch of the FF photos and have decided to buy an a7. I have a couple of manual primes, and want a 50mm AF and a standard zoom to go along. Debating on which standard zoom to get. Is the 28-70 decent enough, or will I want to upgrade to the 24-70 Zeiss eventually? I love bokeh - the shallow dof is what i miss the most in my a6000. I ride motorcycle in my sparetime aswell, and bring the camera along most of the rides - therefore it should not be too bulky. Any input? Kind regards Christian
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