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  1. I have the Sony, A1, A9II, 600mmGM, 200-600, 24-70, 2.8 90mm, 70-200 V2.
  2. This is a marvelous place I try to get to each Fall. They have many birds and fly these birds in demonstrations. These are captive but are free flying.
  3. I was out birding in Indiana when I saw these two in a creek. I thought they were muskrats, but nope, Otters. My first.
  4. I have a MAC running Catalina and preview will not open Sony RAW files, and won't until Apple upgrades the software. I go through this with every new camera change. Very frustrating.
  5. Hi folks, just switched to Sony from Nikon. On my D850 the lcd was used to see the shot just taken and the viewfinder to aim focus and shoot. It seems the two are tied together on the a9ii, and they switch magically when you're eye presses up against the viewfinder, kind of neat. However when doing so there seems to be a lag time as to when I see the single focus point again and can get locked back on my subject, not a huge lag but enough so it seems I lose my subject, especially birds in flight. Can I separate the two so that I only see the taken shot in the monitor and see the subject only in the viewfinder? Cant seem to find the solution in the manual or online. Thanks from a newbie. Mike
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