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  1. https://www.bradleyhanson.com/blog/2019/8/1/holly-and-kyles-northern-minnesota-lake-wedding-at-maddens-resort-on-gull-lake-in-brainerd-mn This Minnesota wedding was photographed with 3 A7II bodies and the 35mm f2.8, 55mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 Sony lenses. I've used this 3 body and 3 prime lens for the past 15 years or so... I've been shooting weddings for 20 years and switched to Sony about 3 years ago. Since this wedding, I've replaced two of the cameras for A7III bodies. Holly grew up in California and Kyle came from Alexandria, MN. Kyle and Holly spent the first three years of their relationship traveling long distances to see each other. When they first started dating, Kyle lived in Finland and Holly lived in Denver. Within a year, Holly had moved to San Francisco and Kyle to Salt Lake City. Eventually, Kyle ended up moving to Sacramento for work. Holly jumped at the chance to live with him, but that meant a 7+ hour per day commute for her, in order to chase her man and her career. As a result, they learned to cherish each moment together like it might be their last and to make adventures and excursions a constant theme in the life they very deliberately built together. It was easily one of the strongest bonds I've ever witnessed and a wonderful day all around. The entire wedding took place at Madden’s Resort on beautiful Gull Lake on one of the ideal summer days on a hot and humid day that cooled down nicely in the evening for a perfect sunset on the lake. To see more Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN portraits, wedding photography and weddings all over the world, visit my main portfolio on bradleyhanson.com or email me at info@bradleyhanson.com or call me at 206-393-8292 and we can discuss your wedding plans in detail.
  2. I also find them essential. It would have been nice as a freebie, for sure. Maybe on some level it would be an admission that for some of us, the cameras are actually too *small*. Once you feel the camera with the grip, it just feels right, even if it looks odd. Having it go across the width of the camera (and adding another tripod socket) would be nice, too. Since the 4 series has a larger grip, they'll need a new version for that series... https://www.bradleyhanson.com
  3. Hello- I'm new to the forum, but a veteran photographer who started in Seattle but now based in Minneapolis. I've been photographing weddings all over the world since 1999. I started in film, of course, but I gave that up very reluctantly. I've used nearly every camera system and since switching to Sony almost 3 years ago, it's been the first camera system that I like *more* with time. Enough of an introduction... I don't know if my hands are larger than normal, but I've always found most mirrorless cameras to be too small. I started with the original A7 and the Zeiss 55 f1.8. It was instant love, even though the grip was far too small. I now have an A72 and two A73 bodies. I've tried the Sony battery grips, aftermarket grips, etc. The 3 series no longer needs two batteries because of the long life of the Z batteries, and I wasn't in a hurry to make the camera heavier as I carry three of them to weddings and portraits with prime lenses. Enter the lowly Sony GP-X1EM. I always thought they looked weird, were overpriced and was worried about getting access to the battery. The short story is that I charge my cameras via micro USB now and the grips stay on. I found two of them (new, too) on ebay for $89 each. Time to try. LOVED THEM, especially with the 85 f1.8, which feels perfectly balanced now. If you get pinky cramps at the end of a gig, you need this grip. I do wish the grip went all the way across the bottom so the camera was easier to set down, but a minor gripe. I've been very happy with Sony, love the lenses, and now the grips fixed my only complaint: the ergonomics and lack of space for the pinky. I plan to share more, but wanted to say more about the grips, which don't get much love... To see more of my work, visit my portfolio of weddings, portraits and landscapes here: https://www.bradleyhanson.com
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