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  1. Hello! I'm struggling with corrupt raw files. I've reformatted my sd card several times and keep having the same issue. There's a purple overlay, and weird sections of previously deleted images. See attached - the (bad hospital lighting!) photo of the banners is the image I took, but the two sections on the righthand side are of an image that I took months prior and had deleted from the card. Also as you can see, this is only happening in the raw format - the jpg doesn't have this issue (but I would prefer to edit in raw). Can you help me figure out: 1) How to recover this image? and 2) How to prevent this from happening again? Products are: - Sony 128GB SF-G Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card - Sony Alpha a7 III - Files pulled from iMac (card slot in back) running Mojave OS, v.10.14.6 TIA!
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