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  1. Nice shot , like the out of focus colors. it helps set off the birds orange chest
  2. © Roy Rogers

  3. © Roy Rogers

  4. © Roy Rogers

  5. Reflections of light

    © Roy Rogers

  6. Water Land Sky 4

    © Roy Rogers

  7. Water Land Sky 3

    © Roy Rogers

  8. Water Land Sky 2

    © Roy Rogers

  9. Water Land Sky

    © Roy Rogers

  10. I love the mist over the water . Great Photo
  11. Roy Rogers

    Creepy Spooky Cemetery

    Video " Creepy Spooky Cemetery " Walnut Grove Cemetery Angel at Walnut Grove Cemetery
  12. The Weir Dam at South Holston Lake in Bristol TN . It has Camping Hiking Site Seeing and its said The best Trout Fishing East Of the Mississippi
  13. Ya'll Won't get any trouble out of me . Im just a family man that uses photography as a creative outlet .
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