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  1. Hi, just to clarify, where are you viewing the footage?
  2. Got another email form Sony and it is the UV filter causing light interference. They say it's not just restricted to their lenses but all manufacturers lenses. The longer the focal length, the more obvious it becomes and the quality of the filter has no effect. So don't use a UV filter on the 200 - 600mm FE OSS. J
  3. Hi, I purchased the new FE 200-600mm OSS and received it the same week they came into the country and have a strange problem with it. I've been having an on running conversation with Sony support over the last couple of months and they came back to say they reckon it's a phenomenon when attaching a UV filter to the lens. The problem is out of focus areas have cross hatching (see pics). Has anybody else seen this? I'll do some tests to see if their diagnosis is true. J
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