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  1. I thought with intelligence mode and superior mode, the camera should adjust itself for best quality and best settings for the picture. What mode should i use and what settings are the best for nighttime pictures? Thank you for the comment! I will try as soon as i have time. What is the best mode to use and what settings? Any advices for me? Thank you for the comment! Oh ok. I understand! But I thought the intelligence mode should adjust itself for the best settings? What mode should i use and what are the best settings for nightime and daytime photos? I am going to Miami in a week and i will shoot tons of photos during the day and the night but I’m afraid they might be bad with intelligence mode and superior mode because it already happened with these photos. What is your advice for me with this lens? Thank you!
  2. Hey guys, first of all, sorry for the long post in advance but i want to detail explain my problem. My name is Stefan, i am totally new to the photography world and i’ve been using my phone for photos for years now. My Iphone 7 plus is been pretty good for the photos i want and need. It’s just the battery is bothering me, if I’m on a trip or vacation and want to use google maps for directions or something and snap some photos on the way, my phone battery is dead within 3 hours. SO - finally I decided to upgrade and get a real camera, i wanted more quality photos with nice light! I did my research and for the quality and the price, the Sony A6000 seemed perfect for me. I bought it and it arrived few days ago. Lens is 3.5-5.6/16-50. Every little free time i have when I’m off work, i snap photos all the time i watch videos on YT about the best settings, how to use it, when, what to do and all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, so far the camera has been pretty bad AND i know it’s not the camera itself, it’s me being a noob + probably bad settings and wrong modes that I’m using! I really need help with this so I decided to ask you guys for some help! I’m usually shooting in Aperture mode, and some of my portraits are ok. The background is blurry and the face gets focused, that’s what i want and it’s ok. It’s just like the quality of the picture isn’t as good. But my main problem is blurry pictures when i take normal pictures of building and environment and other things that are not portraits! What mode should i use when talking environmental picture? Or like picture of me and my wife standing in front of the building so everything can be seen good and not blurry? Here are some examples of photos that i did last night with my wife at amusement park. Please review them and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I need help! 1. This is what i consider my BEST photo i took so far with this camera, it’s probably bad and that’s why i need advices. - https://ibb.co/M56tQML ( i used Aperture mode in this one for the lowest F3.5 - shutter is 1/6 and ISO 3200) 2. In this one i used intelligence ( the green one) - 1/8 - F3.5 and ISO 3200. This one is a decent photo for me, but still not great. https://ibb.co/c6tgyHm 3. This one i used Superior + mode ( yellow one), 1/60 - F4 - ISO 160 - https://ibb.co/qsPT3VV 4. This one is also Superior + the shutter is 1/160 - F4 and ISO 1600 https://ibb.co/4fpvwWd 5. Here i used Superior + again (1/8 - F5.6 - ISO 6400). https://ibb.co/8KwcMMz I don’t like this one, its blurry and its just bad. How can i fix this? 6. I used Aperture mode here ( 1/8 - F5.6 - ISO 3200). https://ibb.co/Mg8JBxK I don’t like it at all, it’s blurry, it’s pale. Just bad. 7. I also used Aperture mode here (1/15 - F5 - ISO 3200). https://ibb.co/HXpD5VP The face is blurry, the lights are blurry and i have a feeling that the photo would be better just by taking it with my phone. 8. This one is really bad! I used Intelligence mode (1/6 - F3.5 - ISO 3200). https://ibb.co/cXNkFVY It’s bad. Blurry, washed out and pathethic! 9. This one is ok but the lights are blurry and they’re ruining everything good in the picture. Superior + mode ( 1/50 - F5.6 - ISO 3200). https://ibb.co/M2qzPDG 10. Here i used Program auto mode ( 1/1000 - F5.6 - ISO 25600). https://ibb.co/bRTzFWL I tried to use Shutter priority mode because of the fast movements and action stuff, but i failed badly so i just used Program auto mode. It’s bad and blurry as you can see. And 11. Intelligence mode (1/15 - F3.5 - ISO 3200). https://ibb.co/zZbst3R It’s pale, it’s washed out and blurry. I hate it. So as you can see. My photos are bad and they’re not as close as this camera can do. I think the camera itself is fine. It’s probably just me and my settings. I was trying to take picture with Aperture mode and i did ok with portraits but with did bad with everything else so I switched to intelligence and superior mode. Also when i tried to used the shutter mode to capture action, the higher i ago the picture gets more dark. And the shutter mode is supposed to customize just the shutter and Aperture and ISO are supposed to automatically adjust to it? Or i do everything manually in that mode? Here are some of my settings: Image size is L24 Image quality Standard Image type JPEG Aspect ratio 3:2 Focus area - Wide Exposure step - 0.3 Smile/Face detect - On Long exposure NR - On High ISO NR - Normal Steady Shot - On MF assist - On AF w/ Shutter - On Does everything look ok in here? Should i change something and why? I need all the advices and critics you guys can give me. I just moved from Bosnia to USA and bought the camera for 600$ and I’m kinda feeling bad a little bit because I’m not happy with the picture and the quality. I hope it gets better, i hope it’s just the settings and the way i take the pictures. All comments are welcome, please consider that I’m new to all this and don’t throw big terms at me. Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance!
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