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    mallllias reacted to Rathi in Cyprus | Jewel of the Mediterranean   
    My newest video where I explore Cyprus is up! It’s not JUST a country. It is home to a diverse fauna, flora and culture that you can spend a long time experiencing. This is just a fraction of the trip, but at the same time it hopefully gives a sense of the atmosphere there is! If you enjoyed the video please do me a favor and do all the usual good stuff on YouTube. Thank you guys!

    (I primarily used Sony A6400 for this video)

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_LtosWbMvQ
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    mallllias got a reaction from Thad E Ginathom in Path to the waterfall in forest at Greece with a7iii   
    hallo to everybody!
    i made this relaxing video of a magical place in the woods at north Greece.
    Place located at Palia Kavala village into the mountain.
    waterfall isnt the greatest but the trail is something else!
    enjoy !
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    mallllias got a reaction from mirrorlessNY(youtuber) in Inside of old Turkish hammam in village of pomaks at Greece with a7iii   
    Good evening to all of you!!
    This video its a trip with car at north Greece at Thraki mountains
    area that is full of villages with pomaks residents.
    There are many old traditional hammam baths
    here and there that some of those looks abandoned
    but there not..
    So we get there and we make a bath in a place
    with no electricity into the night..
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