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  1. Lonnnggggg time Canon shooter. Had enough of Canon AF. Sony a7-3 blew me away with AF and so here I am
  2. I am a bit of a newbie user for Sony coming from Canon system. Sony's AF system is mind bogglingly superior to canon..... Wow. Anyway here's the question/complaint: After fiddling around with my second hand a7-3 I'm a bit frustrated by the software UI. Amongst other things , how come Sony doesn't retain the main shooting parameter settings PER mode? So for example: Av keeps itself in f1.8 with auto iso and single shot AF-S. Then I swap to Tv mode and it recalls 1/400 and AF-C and high-speed drive mode.... Then I goto movie mode and it recalls manual mode 1/60 and f4. I realise C1 and C2 can do this but then so did canon... Plus canon had recalling specific shooting settings from all other modes (like Av and TV). AV and TV mode doesn't totally recall ALLL settings but the main shooting params. While custom C modes recalled entire camera settings as well... Aside: sonys c1 c2 doesn't store/recall "af w/shutter " on/off.... I like some shooting situations to have AF controlled by shutter button. And other shooting situations where AF-ON only controls focusing. ...... This a bug?
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