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  1. Hi will a Panasonic lumix G-Vario 100 to 300 mms f4-f5.6 4/3 fit a Sony A6000 With a 4/3 adaptor ?@
  2. hi I could not get the app to work with my camera so I tried invading Edge mobile app and works great can even us phone as a remote
  3. That works cheers I now have middle button area focuses and c2 is now the camera grid :) cheers my friend
  4. I can change the buttons but can not remove something from a button now I have area focuses on c2 button and on middle button would like to remove it from c2 and just have it on middle button ? cheers
  5. Hi fellas can you remove something from a custom button I have set the area focuses to middle button only to find its all ready assigned to c2 so now have it in two different places so can I remove one if so how would I do this cheers
  6. Hi just like to say hi and thank you for letting me in I just brought a new Sony A6000 I think its a great bit of kit ATB
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