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  1. Thanks for the welcoming replies. Good info Pieter. It's funny...I can look at all the files on my Samsung 4K straight out of the camera. I've used it strictly in manual or aperture priority so far. Only taken one video. Maybe 20 sec. I'm going to Barber Motorsport Park 9/20 thru 9/23 for the MotoAmerica motorcycle races. Monday is a track day. GoPro day. LOL
  2. Hi to all. Just purchased my first digital ILC. A6400. To be honest I almost took it back. Being from the old-school days of 35mm film, digital cameras, at first, seem overly complicated. Anyway I didn't take it back. First issue. I can't look at RAW files on my computer or the one video I took. I'm assuming the video won't display on my computer because it's a 4K video. I can see JPEGs on my computer. Anyone have a thought on this.
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