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  1. I did. I was able to get it in movie mode and get into the menu. I then did a factory reset. If I turn the mode dial to M S A or P and turn it off then back on it will go into the the that mode. But still not able to go into menu unless in movie mode.
  2. martti_s i hope that was a joke. If not you are a an idiot... Thank you Pieter for pointing that out to him. so this is now the issue. Ok so I can get into the menu and other functions when i put it in movie mode on the dial, turn it off then back on. i can use all the buttons and they work. although when i turn the mode dial to anything else it locks me out of all the buttons again. so frustrating...
  3. So I bought my A7iii used from a very well known and liked store. I have used it for a few months no problem. I bought a cheaper battery grip for it and have been using a dual shoulder harness with the screw in mount. Today i saw that the screw in went a little further that usual but did not think of anything. I turned on my camera and now i can not use any buttons except for the shutter. none of the FN or the Menu buttons work. ALSO it smells like wires melting. I took off the battery pack and just used the Battery in the camera. still the same. Did I fry my camera??? Is there some type of button lock? or do I need to call Sony????
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