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  1. Hi, I would check if you have the DRO (Dynamic Range Optimize) on and turn it off, specially if you are using RAW files. I have done that on my camera, but it seems that it's something else in my case that it's causing this situation.
  2. Hi, I am shooting with a sony a7r III and I've just recently noticed that the images look brighter (and more well exposed), when you look at the viewfinder, but when you import them into LR or even look at the screen at the back of the camera, they look darker. I have done a big troubleshooting regarding it, but can't seem to understand why. DRO was turned off when I took those images and I have the brightness of both viewfinder and screen turned to manual and set to 0. I've imported the same image to Photoshop and to Capture One (free trial), and they look exactly the same as in LR and on the back of my camera (darker). I normally take pictures using the viewfinder, as I think it's easy to see and have more control on what you're shooting, and also because I believe that it gives a more accurate result than the screen of the camera regarding exposure. Would like some assistance on this matter please.
  3. It's like you described. The 'camera standard' doesn't fix everything, it helps a bit. Do you recommend leaving DRO in automatic, or should I turn it off completely? I actually don't take jpg's with my camera.
  4. Hi and thanks, Is there a good workflow (some kind of preset) that you can use while importing photos into lightroom so the raw files will look similar to what you see while taking them?
  5. Hi, I have noticed that when I import raw files into Lightroom, the images change and look a bit more dark. I was a bit confused as I remember they were rightly exposed when I took them and they look fine on the raw preview from Sony. I have read a bit know and understand this is caused probably by the Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) in camera that adjusts the image to try and preserve highlights and so in low light. My question is, if you recommend the use of the DRO or i should turn it off? I also would like to ask if there is any quick way to change the settings in lightroom to match the raw files or if the only way is to edit the images normally? I have a Sony A7iii Thank you
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