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  1. Hi Good day. Need 2 lens suggestion urgently for Sony a7iii to cover the most. (Will buy one lens and will add 2nd lens later if expensive) Purpose of Lens: 60% Videos Shoot (Kids Fun Action Games Youtube Videos usually indoor rooms / house / hall) 20% Short Indie Films with good cinematic quality (Not sure if non cinelens is good) 20% Still Photography (Portrait / Thumbnails / Street / Landscape / Social Media Post) #1 I might need autofocus lens so non professional can also make my videos, if lets say i am anchoring/acting in video.| #2 Many time it will be handheld so Image Stabilization lens needed, apart than sony a7iii stabilization (no gimble now) ? #3 Not sure about 10 vs 24 vs 28 vs 35 vs 50, as indoor mostly has less space ??? I once tried 14mm with a7s2 in a short film and it gave odd fish eye type feel... What to choose Tamron, Samyang Cine, Sigma Art, Sony G, Other options ? God Bless... Sushant
  2. Hi Good day. Sorry for a long post... I am messed up with too much info online, so seeking help from forum members... I have bought Sony a7iii body, but totally confused with a video lens to choose (at present due to budget has to go for only 1 lens - any lens <$1000, better if less best) Purpose of Usage is making Self Content (not for client): 50% Videos Shoot (Youtube Videos & Short Indie Films but good cinematic quality) 30% Vlogging Videos (Still with tripod in a room not travel handheld, buying external monitor to lookup) 20% Still Photoshoot (For Thumbnails & Social Media Graphics) #1 Most pref. i might need autofocus lens so non professional helper can use it to make my videos, if lets say i am anchoring/acting in video. #2 Might use with DJI gimble in future, so not too long / heavy lens #3 Confused with 50 mm vs 35 mm (as most videos will be indoor/rooms, so i think 35 better ?) any disadvantage of 35 over 50 ??? for full frame body #4 With sony a7iii eye / face tracing autofocus, do we still opt for fixed cinelenses / prime still lenses ? Is focus breathing and light change a big issue in making videos ? #5 What to choose Samyang cine 1.5 vs Sigma Art vs Sony G vs Other options ? Keeping in mind <$1000 range A detailed suggestion will be wonderful and life saving... God Bless... Sushant PS: Have recently used a7s2 with Samyang Cine lens 1.5 - the output with proper led lights was decent / good, not out of the world... and sometime face out of focus (its a manual lens, too much time consuming retakes, espc if its time to time movement based / kids game / walking type) you know many time actors face/body move forward and backward while talking.... bokeh was okaish, as in rooms you really dont have much distance behind...
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