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  1. I understand, and was only going by what the Sony chart said. I appreciate the good news from someone who has actually experienced the old a-mount minolta lenses on the a7rii. It is re-assuring to me to find my old lenses will work using all 42 megapixels. (I will probably end up having to get a larger hard drive for storage.) I was already resloved to using them in manual mode. thanks, again for your input..
  2. l clicked on the detailed explanation on each of the lenses on the chart, and the only ones that are not treated as aps-c are the ones that have a check mark on them, and the only ones like that are prefix SEL. All the other prefixes regardless of conditions, are treated as aps-c (according to the notations in the detailed list of specifications for that lens).
  3. Thanks, I guess I will just have to try some of my old minolta lenses and see it they come up full frame or aps-c using my LA-EA3 adapter.
  4. I forgot to mention that when you get to the website you have to indicate which camera model you are using. If I remember, the 7rii is ILCE7MR2.
  5. ILCE-6300 – support.dimaging.sony.co.jp This the the place my fumbling around for research on lenses for the alpha a7rii sent me to. It list a lot of different older lenses and indicates if they will appear in full frame or aps-c. I was assuming it was correct about most of the older a-mount lenses, but I hope you guys are correct, as I have also ordered adapters for canon and pentax lenses as well.. thanks for the prompt answer to my inqiry, as I don't really know yet how to navigate thru this forum.
  6. I purchased a la-ea3 adapter to use on my newly purchased a7rii camera to use my existing old minolta lenses. looking at the a-mount lens charts , I see no a-mount lenses listed that will work full frame on the a7rii camera. the chart says the angle of view will be treated as aps-c and auto-cropped. Is this correct, or are there any old a-mount or screw-mount lenses that will perform full frame using some type of adapter on the a7rii camera?
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