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  1. Check your eye sight, as we age our vision gets worse, could be an infection, check for Uveitis
  2. I would like to do a photo competition with the Sony-Zeiss 24mm lens I will use my trusty kit lens on my A6000 the 16-55mm 3.5-5.6 against the MAC DADDY Sony 24mm F/1.8 All things being equal will be hard since I always make sure my lighting is on point otherwise I create good light - Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  3. Blunt is usually good, it teaches better than passivity
  4. That is a beast, I am thinking about adding it to my 'tool kit'
  5. Did you fix the problem? I hope you didn't bin the poor camera
  6. Practice, even the most expensive lens if you are not confident with your equipment will produce substandard results. Please provide a sample of the photos you've shot using this lens that you think are not up to par.
  7. I have found that using good form, making sure lighting is in check and a good understanding of the capabilities of the camera you are able to get GREAT photos even using the kit lens, however I am frothing at the mouth over this bad boy. This is what i'd call 'the masters lens'
  8. When you say 'not too expensive' what is your price range? The kit lens in the right hands is a beast in its own right. Sigma is coming out with a lens Sony E 16-55mm f/2.8 G Lens - $1398 - This baby is a BEAST, good quality glass. A good thing using a prime is you WILL learn composition, it's very possible to get full portrait with this 56mm however you will have to distance yourself but a photographer will move wherever necessary to capture the shot. I do think the 35mm prime would have been a better choice. 35mm prime is a good versatile lens. Provide a sample image of a portrait you've shot with the 56mm
  9. Not bad, I believe you are on YouTube I saw you make reference to those two tower buildings that you went back with your camera. Anyhow good job
  10. This is ok however never underestimate post processing, sometimes it brings out the moment. Take a look at these reds and let me know if they are to your taste I just did minor post processing to over saturate the reds, the editing is pretty basic I just didn't want the image to look over processed. What would you do different? Also, try a polorized filter, are you shooting in RAW? It could be your RAW processing color gamut is off slightly, if you would kindly share one of your RAW photos for me to have a look. Thank you
  11. Sorry Pieter, I did actually have a question. I am shooting RAW in auto mode only. I will not be using any manual modes at all. Which auto is better, superior auto or intelligent? 🤓 I realize superior will sometimes combined images to form a composite however not while shooting RAW. Is the algorithms in both auto mode similar, what are their differences? Don't give me the "superior auto is good in low light" BS either. Thank you
  12. First I cannot view your video something is wrong. What do you mean autofocus CLIPS??? is your lens clean and is the subject in front of the camera?
  13. Do you have Affinity Photo or Adobe Camera Raw? Those tools will allow you to get the results you’re looking for, point blank period.
  14. I am a proud owner of a RAW shooter a6000 but I have questions on AUTO MODES
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