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  1. Uncompressed 14-bit raw file stores 16,384 tonal values of a color. Compressed uses 12 bits and thus 4,096 possible values. Depends on your personal preferences - do you want the ultimate quality(and can you actually see it) or are you fine with the high quality 12 bit offers, along with the smaller file size.
  2. Yeah, these problems have been addressed in the newer models, but the first two issues in my list seem like simple firmware tweaks and are defaults in every other camera (esp. the one push triggering of the bracket series). I am totally pleased with the a7II overall and its $1000 price tag - two times cheaper than mkIII.
  3. I want to share my thoughts about my brand new A7II. This is my first Sony camera and I expected to encounter some initial frustration, but these two issues are really driving me crazy. 1. Self-timer is not available for bracketing. Also, you have to keep the shutter button pressed during all the bracketed shots. In twilight this could mean 20-30 seconds on the button and inevitable camera shake. I could use cable remote release but again I have to keep its button pressed because the sequence is aborted the moment you lift your finger from the button. I took this functionality for granted even with the cheapest crop bodies and I shoot a lot of bracketed shots with intervalometer. 2. Manual Switching between Monitor and Viewfinder is not assignable to a custom button. I have to dig in the menu for this common and simple task. 3. Poor battery life and not being able to use the micro USB port for charging while shooting. I would be glad to hear if you have any tips on fixing any of the three issues I listed.
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