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  1. Neither i’m Afraid, I’ve photoshop elements and I can install Apples Pro photo software. I’d been hoping to stay away from Post edit and capture the moment, in camera. I’ve since found after looking at the photos; I’d been having issues with. That the LCD viewer is slightly at fault under representing the colour values and photos taken at the medium to long focal length seem to suffer the drop off in colour. The Vivitar lens that came with the camera is good and well made, however longer shots are not as colourful; could be that there’s no filter or just a quirk of the lens type and size 72mm? Thoughts.
  2. Thanks, yeah I tried that but I didn’t think it made a huge difference. I’ve tried changing the colour temp and doing a spot metered white balance!
  3. Hi everyone, first time post and first time user of my new, old, a350. I’ve come across from a FujiFilm S2Pro and after being initially impressed with features and ease of use. I’m left feeling a little bit frustrated with the colour rendition from the lenses and numerous setting changes I’ve tried. I can’t seem to get the colours to pop, like my old Fuji. It’s perhaps that the Fuji was a Pro camera or just that i’m not setting the Sony up correctly. I’m hoping that this forum will help ease my my and hopefully give advice on settings that will help. Thanks.
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