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  1. I'm new to Sony alphas, and initially overlooked the time limit of 29 min 50 sec when recording internally at 4K. I guess I can live with it, but it would be nice to get around it. I found OpenMemories, which installs some firmware adjustments to the camera, via a USB link to your PC, and which runs over an internet connection. I found it here: https://sony-pmca.appspot.com/plugin/app/com.github.ma1co.openmemories.tweak. Also, there's a YouTube tauting it (see below). Has anyone tried this on an A7iii yet? If so, do you recommend it, or did any either possible or definite negative side effects come from it? I'm a bit concerned about letting a 3rd party stir the brains of my new primo camera. Thanks. Here's that YouTube -- it's about an ASPC type, and about a generation old. I'm not sure if the "applications" menu it shows gets added by the hack, or if the older cameras had provisions for 3rd part apps, which the current gen (or at least my A7iii) removed for whatever reason.
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