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    Olaf W. reacted to RooiValk in A7RIII Firmware Update Fails (Could not find the camera for this update)   
    I think I found the answer for those who might be facing the same "issue"!
    Apparently there is a new version of the A7RIII out with product name ILCE-7RM3A vs. the older ILCE-7RM3 (note the A vs. no A at the end). I see the ILCE-7RM3A product code under my camera - I recently bought it. I never knew about this and kept landing on the ILCE-7RM3 firmware download page, little did I know there is a separate firmware download page for ILCE-7RM3A, but his page does not have any new firmware currently. Perhaps ILCE-7RM3A already has all updates from the previous ILCE-7RM3 camera firmware??
    This is quite interesting. Apparently Sony made some minor improvements in  ILCE-7RM3A over the older version, most notably a higher res back LCD screen and the Sony label removed at the bottom of the back screen.
    ILCE-7RM3A firmware download page:
    ILCE-7RM3 firmware download page:
    The same seems to apply to the A7RIV too.
    An interesting read on the topic:https://www.dpreview.com/news/8756997638/sony-quietly-updates-the-a7r-iii-a7r-iv-with-improved-lcd-displays
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Do Duc Luan in SONY MCX-500 bị lỗi   
    Welcome to our forum. Could you provide us a translation of your comment?
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from mseed123 in I am new on the forum.   
    Welcome here!
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    Olaf W. reacted to Lens Artist in Hi all, from England   
    Hi - welcome to the alpha adventure. I am UK, Eastbourne. Love my a7iii and a7riii. enjoy. @carlslezacekphotography if you want to connect. 
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from CozzolinoPhoto in Hi all, from England   
    Welcome to our forum !
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Gen in I can’t change aperture on Sony A600   
    With most third party lenses the aperture and focus must be set at the lens. Compatible does not necessarily mean the camera can control the lens. If the lens supports autofocus the camera might be able to control the aperture, too.
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    Olaf W. reacted to Beeboss in internal battery problem a6400   
    I am overjoyed to say that I LiveShots suggestion has paid off and I can now take a photo again without having to set the language I want the photo in first. I will give Sony another chance after all!
    Strangely it appears that 3rd party batteries may work just as the originals as far as taking pictures are concerned but that is not the case for charging the internal battery. I have so many batteries that I use interchangeably that I didn’t even consider it a factor, and why it shoudl make a difference is is still a complete mystery, but I am just happy that an overnight charge using the genuine sony battery seems to have done the trick after everything else failed. I think I may get a few more official batteries.
    So glad I found this out before I sent the camera in for repair.
    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    Olaf W. reacted to Sten Soendergaard in Monitor view does not work - A7 R   
    Hello guys
    Wonderful to get qualified respons from experienced people. After removing the rubber eypiece I found some dust residue collected in the edges of the sensor. After removing that I am back to normal.
    Wow - what a relief.
    So: Thank you very very much for your advices.
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    Olaf W. reacted to Pieter in Banding on photos with background screen video with silent shutter.   
    The readout speed of the silent shutter of the A9 is about 3 times as fast as any of the other Sony Alpha cameras (and pretty much any other fullframe camera available at this moment, Canon and Nikon included). This helps a lot in reducing flicker/striping and makes it pretty much the only fullframe camera available that can be used reliably with silent shutter. With the A9, only very high frequency lighting (like some LED billboards) will cause significant banding. Not exactly sure how this affects video but for photography it should fix most of your issues.
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from dreamerchant in newbie question   
    I‘m quite sure the manual mentions to fully charge the battery before operating the camera. If the battery has some charge out of the box depends on the time the box was stored and some other factors.
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from dreamerchant in newbie question   
    Happens to all of us. How I hate to wait several hours watching the charging battery, unable to start using the new gadget
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Musicman1 in Hi From Nevada, U.S.A.   
    Hello and welcome!
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from PatrickG in Old dog, new tricks   
    Welcome to our forum !
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from 4LetterWord in Greetings from Heidelberg, Germany.   
    Welcome here! Herzlich willkommen!
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from SAW in Switched from Canon, struggling though !   
    Welcome to our forum! 
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Benz3ne in Shwmae pawb - Hi all!   
    Welcome to our forum!
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from ManxP in New convert from Nikon   
    Welcome to our forum!
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from JamiePirie in Viewing ARW (RAW) Files on Mac Finder   
    That‘s normal in my opinion - the Finder does not show previews for raw files, it‘s not Sony specific. 
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    Olaf W. reacted to JPR_Deadpool in Pink lines only showing in RAW   
    This is what I see:

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    Olaf W. reacted to LÉROT in The Accordion Player   
    Actress Headshot of Annika
    Sony A7rIII with 24-70mm GM

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    Olaf W. reacted to Roy Rogers in South Holston Weir Dam   
    Ya'll Won't get any trouble out of me . Im just a family man that uses photography as a creative outlet . 
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    Olaf W. reacted to WB5AGF in Lense for Astro photography   
    Here's a picture of the Moon that I took about an hour ago from my driveway (the Moon is so bright that streetlights don't cause any significant problem). It was taken with my Sony A7iii Camera and the Canon FD-series 500mm/f8 catadioptric mirror lens using a purely mechanical lens adapter.
    - Paul

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    Olaf W. reacted to Homesick in 4K recording chopping files after 4,19 GB size reached   
    Exactly, it might be so...
    Thank you all for replying, I really wouldn't have thought of the formating issue here.
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    Olaf W. reacted to Homesick in 4K recording chopping files after 4,19 GB size reached   
    I never mentioned that the SD cards "in trouble" are MicroSD cards with 64GB Sandisk ExtremePlus V30 XC 1 class3 A1, and I used the Slot1 in the A7III 
    I used Disk Utility to format to ExFat, put the card in the camera and formated, put it to record and the files ended up 4,19GB each again. Please see Pic-1 where it shows a screenshot from Finder. Then I checked the card with Disk Utility and it showed "No NAME" and that it was MS-DOS.. See the Pic-2 attached.
    My conclusion is that the camera formated the card to MS-DOS for some reason thus chopping files into 4,19GB each.
    I took the Micro SD out again and formated it to ExFat in Disk Utility, put it back in the camera. It didn't ask to format the card, only let the camera fix the Database, it took 5-6 seconds. Then I recorded a long video resulting in one big MOV file.
    When I use the full sized Sandisk SD Extreme Pro 64GB 170Mb/s XC 1 V30 card, everything is fine. Formated in Disk Utility, the put in camera, formated, and it's not chopping the files at all, see the Pic-3 attached.
    The crazy thing is that I have two of these MicroSD cards, completely identical, bought on same occasion . One card is being formated the right way in camera (to exFat) and the other one into MS-DOS. Tested this 3-4 times, always the same card.
    Now I know (I marked the card) which shouldn't be formated in the camera and I won't have troubles any more, but it's maybe good to know for others, it's either the card or inconsistent behaviour of the Sony A7III formating sequence. Is it firmware issue or what, I wouldn't know.
    Thanks everybody!  

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    Olaf W. reacted to Valerio in Alpha 7 III - Megapixel crop mode   
    hello sorry! i'm so used to read english that in my mind i was reading this forum in my own language ?
    hello i got a question about the APS-C super35mm" function
    In video mode some functions cannot be used, so i usually use photo mode even to register videos, in S dial mode, so the camera can adjust all parameters by herself mantaining the shutter speed rule 25p 1/50 - 100p 1/200, etc. Do you think there is some problem using photo mode to shot videos??
    However, if I use the crop function, the megapixels displayed on the screen decrease (rightly because you cut out a piece of sensor)
    My question is: if I start recording a video in crops mode selected, does this loss of quality in terms of Megapixels persist and will I therefore have less defined images? or does it only apply to photos?

    Thanks for your attention, greetings
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